Commercial Installations.

General Contractors and Owners engaged in the fit-up of retail stores, whether located in malls, or in stand-alone structures, have certain expectations of their electrical contractors.

Among these are that the contractor will:

  • Man the job when expected (and be prepared to be flexible, since the scheduling of their work may have to await the completion of the work of other trades)
  • Come equipped with all necessary materials and equipment to complete the job, including special orders.
  • Carefully and correctly read and follow architectural plans, specs, special instructions and change orders and commence the job with a thorough understanding of what is required of them.
  • Observe and comply with the special rules of mall management or the complex requirements of commercial leases.
  • Be able promptly and efficiently (and without argument) to alter the scope of their work to accommodate last-minute changes based upon the owner’s or architect’s preferences, or unanticipated site conditions.
  • Take instruction from the general contractor, particularly where plans are vague or changes are required.
  • Be able to work side-by-side with other trades in a crowded, frenetic work space.
  • Complete their work within the scheduled time frame.
  • Promptly attend to any “punch-list” items.
  • Be prepared to return to the job, even after completion, for last-minute changes or repairs made necessary by the work of other trades.

Today, construction managers of national retailers are exacting, as well as impatient. They expect lighting to be located as specified above service counters, shelving to be properly illuminated, decorative lighting to look good, heating, air conditioning and security systems to work as intended, and low-voltage credit-approval, telephone and computer systems to be properly installed and functioning. There is no room for sloppiness or delay. TIME IS MONEY.

Few contractors can meet all of these requirements. Considerable training and experience is necessary. STRATHMOOR ELECTRIC understands your needs, and can fulfill them. Let us take some of the burden off your shoulders. Put us on your bid list and see how we can not only increase your bottom line, but ensure that when the national chain project manager is ready for the next store, you get the invitation to bid on the job.


The special attributes required of contractors working in retail build-out are no less important for those working on office fit-up. Here, the most critical work involves task and emergency lighting and stable power supply for office equipment and computers. Low voltage wiring for intranet, computer networking, security and telephone systems is equally important.

Just as in retail build-out, electrical installations in new office construction or renovation are time-critical. Owners and tenants are eager to occupy or re-occupy their space, and have made important commitments based upon anticipated completion dates. There is no room for error, and no possibility of delay. Renovation of existing offices often proceeds while other portions of leased premises are occupied and functioning. This raises issues of dust, noise, and security.

Any licensed electrician can “handle” the job, but not all electrical contractors are prepared to meet the scheduling demands and quality standards required in office electrical installations. STRATHMOOR ELECTRIC has the training and experience to meet your exacting requirements and to afford reassurance to the owner or tenant that the work will be done correctly and on time, and with minimum of disruption to the ongoing functioning of their offices.

Residential Construction

New Home Builders and Home Improvement Contractors

The demand for construction of new homes and additions, and the renovation of kitchens and bathrooms continues strong, despite the now-prevalent financial and credit problems that affect all of us. Some demanding individuals will be satisfied with nothing less than a custom-designed home where they can have substantial input in the design. Many others have concluded that for them, it is more cost-effective to renovate to incorporate their demands and expectations.

In both cases, the order of the day seems to be luxury items like hot tubs, swimming pools, saunas and steam baths, “trophy” cooking devices, home theaters, entertainment centers and game rooms, home offices, workshops, decks, gazebos and other exterior structures. These structures and devices all require special electrical installation, and if you are the one responsible for the project, you want electrical contractors who have the training and experience to do the job on-schedule and on-budget, and who will ensure safety and reliability, and the customer satisfaction that come with it.

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