Residential Installations.


Lighting is critical to the dramatic effect you want in luxury residential projects. At Strathmoor Electric, we are experts in lighting effects. We know about fixture placement and light dispersion. We will work with your general contractor or architect to achieve the optimal number and placement of your light fixtures to achieve the desired effect. We can design and install exterior lighting to dramatically highlight your home. We can engineer lampposts and walkway lighting that illuminates at nightfall (not just at a pre-set time) and goes off when you specify. We can make it more comfortable for you to read in your favorite easy chair, or have adequate lighting for specific tasks in your kitchen, workshop, or family room.


Building codes specify the minimum number of outlets in each room of your home. At Strathmoor Electric, our experience teaches us that this level of service is woefully inadequate for the demands of today’s families. We are experts at anticipating your electrical requirements. Today you need adequate power to run your entertainment devices, such as big screen televisions, home theater devices, stereos, computers DVDs and DVRs. You want your heating and air conditioning systems to function well on the most demanding days. You want sufficient outlets, properly placed to be convenient for all of your needs. You want to be able to run your vacuum and garbage disposal or compactor without tripping a circuit breaker. You don’t want to have to unplug your toaster to use your food processor.

Insufficient power is not only inconvenient, it is dangerous. It promotes conditions where fires can occur, and can damage your expensive equipment. At Strathmoor Electric, we understand your needs today, and anticipate your needs for tomorrow. We don’t just perform electrical installations, we ensure that all of your power consumption needs are met.


You dread opening your electric bill every month, and can’t believe the increases over last year’s bill. If you’re not taking steps to conserve on your electric consumption, you will be wringing your hands and shaking your head every month at bill time. If you think that weather stripping your doors and lowering your thermostat is all you can do, let Strathmoor Electric show you how using electricity more wisely can achieve unexpected and pleasant surprises for your checkbook.

Luxury Additions

Many of our customers are enjoying luxury items that were unheard of in private homes only a few years ago – hot tubs, swimming pools, saunas and steam baths, massage chairs, home entertainment centers and big-screen TV’s. These devices all run on electricity, and each has its own power-consumption issues. Many have special safety issues. You want to enjoy all of the “fun stuff” that modern life has made available without worrying about the damage and dangers that come from inadequate wiring. At Strathmoor Electric, we know what you need to have these devices run on adequate and safe power. Often, very little modification is required to achieve this. Give us a call now for a free consultation so that you can enjoy all of your appliances and systems without worry.


If you have an older home, you are consuming power in ways and quantities not anticipated when your house was built. Upgrading your electrical service, adding branch circuits, modern circuit breakers, and adequate numbers of outlets not only makes things more convenient, it achieves a level of safety that is critical to your family’s well-being. At Strathmoor Electric, we are up on the latest electrical code requirements, and on safety issues so new that they have not yet been incorporated into existing electrical codes. We install GFI (ground fault interruption) circuit breakers and outlets in all locations where they can protect you from possible shock hazards, like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and outside locations, where moisture can be a problem.

The latest innovation in this area is arc-fault circuit breakers, which protect against fire hazards associated with sparking when circuit breakers trip. Ask Strathmoor Electric about the additional safety that these devices can give you and your family.

Used wisely, electric power is a magical, empowering force that makes our lives convenient, comfortable, fun, and safe. At Strathmoor Electric, we will work with you to address all of your electrical needs and concerns. Our job is not just to perform an installation, but to help to improve life for you and your family, and to do it at a budget that you can afford.

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